About “Meshtra – traditional knowledge and crafts”


“Meshtra – Traditional Knowledge and Crafts” Association is an organization of specialists in the field of cultural and natural heritage conservation.


Our main goal is to create and develop alternative forms of training and transfer of traditional knowledge and crafts.


We believe in the tremendous importance of unifying theory and practice in our training. We therefore bind four main aspects:

  1. Theoretical approach of the historical context of the place, local customs and culture, protection of cultural and natural heritage.
    2. Research and documentation of heritage.
    3. Practical work with traditional materials and techniques.
    4. Open events to popularize the traditional lifestyle and culture of the places we have studied.


Our main goal is to develop extremely important basic knowledge of young professionals on traditional building techniques and materials in the region and to support an active civil society in the field of heritage conservation.

In order to get the best result, we rely on all documents and studies that have been accumulated so far. We connect local, central government, educational institutions, investigators, historians, ethnologists and others. We believe that everything we do is part of a larger system that we are trying to do with our activities. We investigate archives and update them with up-to-date information, create an up-to-date database of cultural heritage.


We are exploring sparsely populated regions in the country to study and document their growth potential on the basis of their traditional cultural image. The development of information databases on the characteristics of these places implies an increase in the interest in them and the possibility of their revitalization, but also preservation.


“Meshtra – Traditional Knowledge and Crafts” is a non-profit association registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act (NNOW) in 2015.


More information can be found here: http://meshtrango.com/