Lecture course, exhibition, workshops – 3-4.06.2017, village of Bulgari

Our program for June 2017 will accompany the traditional fire-dancing rituals for the holiday of St. Constantine and Elena in the village of Bulgari. It will include an introductory lecture course on conservation, history, traditional building techniques, discussions and an exhibition, as well as a workshop. The training will take place under the guidance of specialists and local masters and will be open to all those who want it. Within the framework of the workshop you will be acquainted with building tools, typical working techniques, assemblies, way of forming materials and their application. It will work with ready-made items as well as elements that will be built on site.

Our goal will be for this, though short time, to provoke interest and discussion about the present and the future of traditional craftsmanship.

If you want to participate, please email us at


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